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Hello, I'm  so excited to share a little bit about myself! My name is Linda and I was born and raised in Albuquerque. I've lived here all my life but I also love getting out and exploring the world. I have the heart of a traveler and explorer! My favorite places of all time are Scotland and Ireland and my dream is to one day visit again. In the meantime my days are consumed by my life in Albuquerque. I adore this place that I call home; you can't beat the gorgeous sunsets and mountain views. So you'll likely see me live out my days here, loving on my family and friends.

I'm a mother to three young children; a daughter and twin boys. All three of my littles are wild, loving and wonderful, and they have taught me to embrace chaos and see the beauty in the unexpected and imperfect. They constantly amaze me with their childlike wonder! I firmly believe that my own experiences as a mother provides me with great insight into trying to capture special moments while engaging the curiosities of young minds. What else... I love dogs and I have three of them. Loving dogs probably isn't too special but you can feel confident that I'll welcome your dog to our session if that's your preference.

On a professional level with regards to photography, I'm great at providing directions and structure when needed, but also focus on capturing special candid moments and allowing clients to be themselves. I have many type A personality traits that help with the more tedious but necessary tasks for a successful photography business, from editing to deadlines.  I prefer getting things completed and getting them completed early. I pride myself on providing my clients an exceptional experience with great customer care, clear communication, compassion and flexibility, and of course gorgeous photos! My ultimate goal is to capture beautiful and loving memories- I hope you will provide me the opportunity to do so for you! 

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